Iran classic Tour in 8 days

Tours: Shiraz-Isfahan-Kashan-Tehra

Day1: Shiraz: you will arrive to the Shiraz International airport, receipt by our leaders and transfer to the hotel.

Day2: Shiraz: a city of poetry and poet in the world, the best great poets were born in this city like: Hafiz and Sa’adi, it’s also called World of flowers. We will visit Nasir-ol Molk mosque or Rose mosque, then Arg-e Karim Khan, it looks like a medieval castles, residence of Karim Khan-e Zand, founder of Zandieh dynasty. The oldest Bazar called Vakil a complex belonging to eighteen centuries. Inside of Bazar you will find Vakil bathroom and the Mosque. Eram garden another place registered by UNESCO, traditional house named Narengestan Qavam, later we will go to the biggest Persian poets tombs Hafiz and Sa’adi.

(Stay in Shiraz at Night)







Day3: Shiraz: in 70 Km of Shiraz we will visit Takht-e Jamshid or Persepolis registered by UNESCO world heritage list in 1979, the first monarchy of Iran in 500 years before Christian, impressive ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire, the tomb of the famous king of Persia who belongs to Cyrus Cylinder (the first declaration of human rights) the great Cyrus. We left behind Shiraz to Isfahan and stay at night

Day4: Isfahan: one day complete in Isfahan. Visiting the Naqsh-e Jahan square, registered by UNESCO world heritage. We will visit Shah Abbas and Sheikh Lotfollah mosques and Qasariyeh duplex big Bazar to observe precious handmade. Later we will go to visiting Chehel Sotoun palace, memory of Safavid dynasty, and the Hasht Behesht palace where 8 beautiful ladies of the king were resided there, the Ali Qapu other attraction of Safavid dynasty.

(Stay in Isfahan at night)








Day5: Isfahan: visiting Isfahan, city of the 16 and 17 centuries. The neighborhood of Armenians merchants in Safavid period, start from Vank Church where we will know more about the history and the life of Iranian Christians. Later the Jama mosque, 2 old famous bridges (33 columns and Khajou bridge) when passing the bridges, you will enter to the big Isfahan history and culture

Day6: kashan: we left behind Isfahan to Tehran in the way we will visit Kashan, Fin garden belongs to Amir Kabir, registered by UNESCO word heritage. Later we continue our way to Tehran and visit the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world

(Stay in Tehran at night)








Day7: Tehran: one day complete in Tehran, capital of Iran, we will visit the Golestan palace, registered by the UNESCO world heritage list; it was the residence of the last king of Qajar dynasty and one of the first buildings of Tehran in eighteenth centuries, treasures unconventional of expensive jewelries in the central bank (Saturday to Tuesday, 14:30 – ۱۶:۳۰) later for buying things, Tehran old great Bazar, recommended

(Stay in Tehran at night)

Day8: transfer to the Imam International Airport IKA for departure







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